Sunday, November 27, 2011

"WWJG" & December Calendar

Today we all worked hard building our very own stable for Jesus. They were so creative!!

We are excited to launch a new idea:

Where Will Jesus Go?

The children colored a picture of Jesus this week in Sunday School. We have challenged them to take Jesus out of “the Christmas picture and manger” and into their lives. We would like this to be something the whole family can participate with as a group. Our group discussed that God can use all of us, no matter how young we may be, to teach others about Jesus. We even discussed that we can share Jesus with others not only with our words, but with our actions. If you were not able to be at Sunday school this week, no worries. You should be receiving a picture to color as well as instructions in the mail this week. If you do not receive them by the end of the week, please let me know so we can mail them out ASAP.

Our challenge for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas is to take our Jesus that we colored in Sunday School to all kinds of places throughout the community. This can be as simple as school, car trip, Publix, play ground, car line at school, work with mom and dad, dinner table, post office, friend’s house, and yes…..even Wal-Mart J. We are asking that the children record Jesus’ adventures through pictures. This is where mom and dad’s help are needed with the cameras. I am requesting that everyone sends me their pictures via email as you take them. I will be making a slide show that we will share each Sunday and add to each week until Christmas day. Pictures can be as simple or as creative as you and your child would like them to be and can include Jesus only, or Jesus with your child and/or friends. The idea is that we will be intentionally taking Jesus with us this Christmas season and allowing him to be a visible reminder in all that we do as we prepare for Christmas (also known as Advent).

If you have questions or concerns or do not want your child’s picture included in the slideshow, please let me know.

We have a super busy month as we celebrate the biggest birthday ever! Please take a glance at the following schedule for the remaining of the year as we have a lot of new changes for this month.

12/4th Next Sunday:
No 9am Sunday School or worship service. The church will be celebrating and worshipping as one body at the 10:30am service with a catered lunch to follow. The lunch is free for everyone, please RSVP through the church office if you have not done so already. This will be a time of commitment for our 2011 Stewardship for the church.
(Please remember to email me your pictures as I will be working these next 2 weeks on our first slideshow even though we will not be having Sunday School)

12/11: Christmas Cantata (both services)
The children have been asked by our Music Director, Mrs. Dot to participate in the 2011 Cantata with one song, Away in the Manger. Please check back ASAP as I will have more information about our participation and practice as I hear any news. We will be having regular Sunday School this day as well.

12/18th: More Adventures of WWJG!
This will be a regular scheduled Sunday School as we continue to discuss our on going adventures with WWJG. We will also continue to make Christmas cards for our shut ins that are not able to come to church during this Christmas season.

Saturday, 12/24th:
Children’s Christmas Eve Service at 4:30pm
This is a great service geared for our youngest members. Such a great time of worship and being with our church family. Instead of a candle light service, the children will participate with a glow stick service.

There will only be 1 service to celebrate as one body! Please join us at the 10:30am service and feel free to leave your children in their PJs as I’m sure mine will still be in theirs. J

1/1/2012: NEW YEAR!
There will be 2 services on New Year’s Day; however, in order to combine our resources for more fun, we will be having Children’s Sunday School at the 10:30am service only. So sleep in from your late night celebrating and join us a little later for an even bigger celebration of committing our new year to Jesus…..including a time capsule!

Shew! What a great Advent season we have planned for you and I can’t wait to celebrate with each and every one of you!!

Questions? Call Kelly 575-3501 or 309-5588

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