Monday, December 26, 2011

Special News for January 1, 2012!!

Greetings Sunday School Families!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with your family! Just a quick reminder for next Sunday…NEW YEARS DAY 2012 (WOW!). Although the church is having 2 services (9am & 10:30am), we will only be having Sunday School during the 10:30 am service. Kathy (our infamous children’s church leader from the second service) and I will be joining forces to create one big group of fun. We know many of you will have a late night the night before ringing in the new year; therefore, we want to encourage you to sleep in, enjoy your family AND THEN come join your church family for the 10:30am service. We will be talking about our new year and new adventures. We will also have the children work on a time capsule that will be opened at the start of 2013.

Children will start the service with their families as and then they will be excused after the children’s moments (approx ¼ of the way into the service). We will take it from there with all kinds of fun until the end of the service.

Can’t wait to ring in the new year with all of you. One last thought…if you haven’t emailed me your WWJG pictures yet, please do so this week as this will be the last time to collect them. THANKS!!


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