Monday, March 5, 2012

Dinner Discussion Ideas
Week 1: Grace (March 4, 2012)

Many of our Sunday school parents, as well as the church body, will be participating in the 6 week study A Disciple’s Path. Our Sunday school lessons for the next 6 weeks will also follow the main curriculum idea for the week. We will be providing dinner discussion ideas each week to help reinforce these important spiritual disciplines and ideas. The Discussion sheets will also be posted on our blog each week, just in case you misplace yours:

1.     This week in Sunday school we talked about?

2.     What is God’s grace?

3.     What Bible story did we discuss to talk about God’s grace?

4.     What do we have to do to earn God’s grace?

5.     Explain the example that was used about the keys that could and could not unlock the door.

6.     Can you think of a time when you received grace from someone when you didn’t deserve it? How about from God? Share.

*We created a fun way to help us remember what God’s grace means:
(make sure you ask your child to help fill in the R)

God’s Grace is…
Cancels out our sin

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