Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner Discussion Sheet for Week 3

Dinner Discussion Ideas
Week 3: Worship (March 18, 2012)

Many of our Sunday school parents, as well as the church body, will be participating in the 6 week study A Disciple’s Path. Our Sunday school lessons during these 6 weeks will also follow the main curriculum idea for the week. We will be providing dinner discussion ideas each week to help reinforce these important spiritual disciplines and ideas. The Discussion sheets will also be posted on our blog each week, just in case you misplace yours:

1.     This week in Sunday school we talked about?

2.     What is worship?

3.     When you worship, God is your ________________

4.     God created you to _______________ Him!

5.     God ___________ when you worship Him!

6.     God likes to hear you __________ about all He had done in your life!

*Take a few minutes to talk about ways you worship God right now in your lives.
*What is your favorite way/form of worship?

7.     The Word of God is another word for ___________

*God wants you to know who He really is! We can learn more about God through these 3 forms of worship:

___________ the Word of God (Bible)
___________ the Word of God (Bible)
___________ the Word of God (Bible)

Questions? Please feel free to contact me anytime!
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